Every industry needs water, see how Culligan can help

From cruise ships, marine, and manufacturing to healthcare and food service, Culligan ensures optimal water quality and efficiency for a wide range of commercial applications.​


Serving your business with cutting-edge solutions​

Catering to diverse industries, Culligan offers customised, comprehensive, and budget-friendly solutions for every commercial and industrial need.​


Food services & restaurants

Water is indispensable in the food industry, whether for drinking or cooking purposes. ​

Enhancing water quality with Culligan’s treatment solutions can leave a lasting impact, offering better-tasting water, spot-free dishes, and reduced maintenance costs. ​

These improvements can elevate the dining experience, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Hotels & hospitality

Water is crucial for hotels, and Culligan offers tailored solutions worldwide, enhancing operations and reducing costs. ​

​From improving boiler efficiency to minimising cleaning product usage and improving guest experiences, Culligan adds value by delivering high-quality water while reducing annual operating costs.


Leisure centre and spas

Maintaining high water quality in pools and hot tubs is essential for guest satisfaction. ​

With our expertise and effective chemicals, we ensure cost-effective clarity and disinfection. ​

Quality water in spas maximizes guest benefits, from post-treatment relaxation to optimal product lathering for a luxurious experience.


Cruise liners & marine

We provide cost-effective water treatment solutions for cruise liners worldwide, ensuring compliance with international standards.

From reverse osmosis to UV treatment, our advanced technologies deliver efficient and low-maintenance solutions, enhancing water quality and comfort for onboard passengers.


Commercial buildings

Culligan specialises in providing and installing dedicated water treatment systems for various commercial buildings, including offices, data centers, schools, hospitals, and universities.​

From filtration to disinfection, our comprehensive systems ensure optimal water quality and efficiency, whether for new builds or existing structures.



Our solutions help in reducing maintenance costs and conserving water while ensuring consistent production quality through options like reverse osmosis and softening.​

Culligan’s rapid design-to-installation timeline provides small manufacturers with benefits including increased equipment efficiency, lower operating costs, reduced wastewater, and scaling.



We prioritise water quality with premium solutions such as filtration, softening, purification, and disinfection tailored for domestic use. ​

​Our cutting-edge technologies, encompassing water softeners, deionisers, and reverse osmosis systems, ensure optimal performance for the residential sector.​

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