Bottle Filling Stations

We provide indoor and outdoor bottle refill stations. Providing fresh, safe water to cater to large numbers of people in high usage environments.

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Our range of water bottle filling stations

Explore our selection of bottle fillers, featuring both indoor and outdoor units, and contactless dispensing

Culligan EcoStream Water Refill Station
  • Touch-free dispensing for hygenic use
  • Minimises environmental impact
  • Custom-branding available
OASIS Hands-Free Recessed Bottle Filler with UV Out
  • Hygienic QUASAR UV technology
  • High cooling capacity for quick refills
  • Eco-conscious Bottle Saver Zone counter
OASIS Hands-Free Bottle Filler & Drinking Fountain
  • High efficiency cooling capacity for busy areas
  • Up to 60 litres of chilled water per hour
  • Hands-free operation for a hygienic experience
Oasis Surface Mount Non-Refrigerated Bottle Filler
  • Refill your bottles safely and hygienically
  • Sustainable bottle refilling
  • Fits into indoor and outdoor environments
Blupura CITY 2.0 Bottle Refill Station
  • Unlimited chilled still and sparkling water
  • Vandal-proof
  • Optional payment system
OASIS AquaPointe Refrigerated Bottle Filler
  • Digital bottle counter to track climate positivity
  • Touch-free sensor-operated bottle filler
  • Non splash basin

Why choose a bottle filling station?

Explore the benefits of selecting a bottle filler for your business.

The sustainable choice

Water refill stations offer convenient access to drinking water, allowing easy bottle refills while on the go.

Bottle filling stations encourage eco-friendly choices, reducing single-use plastic. Many of our products feature a bottle-saving counter, tracking bottles saved from landfill.

Culligan products have saved 40 billion single-use plastic bottles globally. Each bottle-free unit installation saves 1,440 single bottles from waste.

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Indoor & outdoor installation

We provide machines for both indoor and outdoor use. Our indoor units are designed for public areas such as schools, universities, hospitals, and train stations. Our outdoor water filling stations are built to endure high demand and severe conditions, with many featuring vandal-resistant features and materials.

Crafted from tough, durable materials, our water fountains are built to last. Our bottle fillers maximise space and offer versatile options for either free-standing or wall-mounted installations.

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Hydration for busy environments

Our contemporary and stylish bottle filling stations are perfect for offices, schools, gyms, stadiums, factories, parks, bustling train stations, or any high-traffic area where you need to provide fresh and great-tasting water to large numbers of people.

Water refill stations are designed for quick and easy refilling of reusable water bottles for hydration on the go. Equipped with filtering systems, they offer an improved option compared to simply refilling bottles from the tap.

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Safe drinking water

Today, advancements in drinking water technology offer products that combat harmful bacteria. From component materials to design and point-of-dispensing technology, our range ensures the highest standard of safe drinking water products.

Our range includes contactless, hands-free water bottle fillers incorporating the latest innovations such as antimicrobial protection and UV-out to ensure safe and clean drinking water.

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Rent or Buy? The choice is yours.

We offer flexible purchase options to suit you​.


  • Professional installation by specialist engineers
  • Flexible contracts with fixed monthly costs
  • Regular maintenance for continued optimal performance
  • On-demand support from dedicated account managers and engineers


  • Own your machine outright with a one-time cost
  • Opt for our service cover for your peace of mind
  • Total product flexibility for your needs
  • Specialist installation service available

EcoStream water refill station

A modern and environmentally-friendly hydration solution.

Discover our EcoStream refill station – a stylish, eco-friendly hydration solution for any space. Ideal for high-traffic areas like universities and train stations.

Beyond its stylish appearance, this product boasts exceptional functionality, enabling effortless refilling of reusable bottles.

Featuring hands-free, sensor-activated operation, and bespoke design to showcase your brand.

View The EcoStream
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Installation & Maintenance Service​

A professional service you can rely on.

Our engineers are experts in drinking water systems, with years of experience installing fountains and bottle-filling stations in various environments, including workplaces, public spaces, schools, hospitals, and sports stadiums.
A water filter removes harmful contaminants from the mains supply, benefiting both the user and the machine. To maintain your drinking water fountain, our trained engineers sanitise and change filters and clean your machine.
Enjoy peace of mind with our responsive call-out team, promptly fixing or replacing your machine in case of any issues. Our fully managed customer support service ensures you stay up and running smoothly.
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Reducing plastic waste

Water refill stations play a crucial role in reducing plastic, making it convenient for us to access safe, clean water whilst on the go.

These drinking water fountains drive behavior change for both individuals and businesses, encouraging the use of reusable bottles over single-use plastic.

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Frequently asked questions

Our bottle-filling stations are connected to the water supply and include advanced filtration systems to ensure water quality. Users can place their bottles under the dispenser and press a button to fill them.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the surface, sanitising the spout area, and ensuring the filtration system is functioning properly. Filters will also need replacement. Regular maintenance ensures proper functioning and water quality. At Culligan we offer a professional maintenance service for our drinking fountains and bottle-filling stations, provided by our expert engineers.

Installation requirements vary by type of machine. Some may be wall-mounted, while others may need a countertop or recessed installation. Professional installation is recommended. Culligan provides professional installation services for our full range of drinking water fountains and bottle-filling stations.

Many of our bottle-filling stations are designed to accommodate various bottle sizes, from small reusable bottles to larger containers.

Yes, drinking water fountains and bottle-filling stations are commonly found in schools, gyms, parks, airports, and other public spaces.

Yes, these stations promote sustainability by encouraging the use of reusable water bottles, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Investing in drinking water fountains and bottle-filling stations can be cost-effective in the long run, as they reduce the need for purchasing bottled water.

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