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Soft water improves your home, reducing sink and shower buildup, resulting in easier cleaning, and smoother hair and skin. It extends appliance and plumbing lifespan, saving you money. You’ll use less soap and detergent making your household more efficient and eco-friendly.

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Efficient softening for cleaner, softer water for you and your family.

Culligan Arc Water Softener
  • Twin-tank technology for unlimited soft water
  • Compact design, fits neatly under kitchen sinks
  • Track salt levels and reorder on the Smart app
  • Helps cut your energy costs by up to 30%
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How to choose a softener?

When selecting a water softener, ensure it holds a sanitary conformity certificate like Culligan’s, assuring its suitability for human consumption.

Your choice depends on various factors including your home type, location, size, and potential savings.

To make an informed decision, assess your water’s hardness. Schedule a complimentary in-home water analysis with a Culligan expert to determine the ideal softener for your consumption and installation needs.

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How does a water softener work?

Culligan water softeners use ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium, turning hard water into soft water.

Resin beads charged with sodium ions remove calcium and magnesium ions (hardness minerals) from incoming water. As hard water passes through the resin tank, the resin beads attract the calcium and magnesium ions, releasing sodium ions into the water, making it soft.

When the resin beads become saturated, a regeneration process with a salt solution replenishes the sodium ions on the beads, allowing them to continue softening the water.

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Installation & Maintenance Service

A professional service you can trust.

Experience the benefits of a water softener in your home. Scheduling an in-home consultation with Culligan Water experts is your first step to enjoying high-quality, softened water. Our water treatment solutions are designed to fit your specific needs, ensuring you get the right water softener system for you.
For the best water softener installation rely on a qualified Culligan technician. Our experts are experienced in the installation process, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. The installation involves placing a unit under your sink to soften incoming water, with the reassurance that our skilled technicians will handle everything for you.
Regular maintenance is crucial for your water softener's proper functioning. When you purchase a Culligan softener, you have the option to sign a maintenance contract. This ensures the device lasts longer with optimal performance over time. With a Culligan maintenance contract, a technician conducts annual check-ups and disinfection, ensuring hassle-free and reliable upkeep for your new softener.
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Reduce your ecological impact and save money

A water softener reduces your ecological impact and saves money by promoting energy efficiency.

Soft water heats up more effectively, lowering energy consumption for heating. It also extends the lifespan of appliances by preventing limescale buildup, reducing the need for costly replacements.

Soft water requires less soap and detergent, which means lower bills, and less environmental impact.

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Frequently asked questions

Prior to scheduling an installation, a Culligan expert will conduct a virtual or in-person visit to demonstrate our services. This includes evaluating your home, discussing potential locations for the water softener, and addressing any unique installation considerations. They will also identify any unusual plumbing or water system features to ensure the installation of your water softener can be accommodated.

Hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. You can often tell you have hard water if you notice limescale buildup on taps and appliances, soap scum in your shower, or if your water doesn't lather well. Contact us for a free consultation where we will analyse the quality of your water and test for hardness.

The right water softener depends on factors like your water hardness level, household size, and water usage. It's best to have a water analysis done by a Culligan professional and we can consult to determine your specific needs.

While some DIY installations are possible, it's recommended to have a professional install your water softener. This ensures it's done correctly and complies with local plumbing codes. A professional can also assess your specific needs for the best results. Contact us about our professional installation service.

Typically, water softeners require maintenance like adding salt to the salt tank and occasional resin bed cleaning. The frequency depends on your water hardness and usage but is usually every done annually. Contact us about our maintenance service for water softeners.

Water softeners primarily remove minerals that cause hardness but don't significantly impact the taste of water. However, some people prefer the taste of softened water, while others opt for a bypass valve to keep one tap with untreated water for drinking.

Water softeners are designed to remove hardness minerals, not other contaminants like chlorine or bacteria. For comprehensive water treatment, consider additional filtration or purification systems, such as Culligan's water filtration systems, or range of water coolers for homes.

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