ac family

AC Family Reverse Osmosis

High-performance RO solution, quiet, safe, and ideal for larger families.

  • Reverse osmosis purifier for high-quality tap water
  • Delivering up to 1.6 litres per minute
  • Perfect for drinking and cooking
  • Free and no obligation quote
  • Buy or rent, your choice
  • Installation & maintenance service available

Enjoy clean, fresh water straight from your home tap

ac family

Purified water, simplified

Water tailored for you
The AC Family allows you to adjust the residual water level, ensuring water that suits your taste and preferences.
RO purification
Innovative reverse osmosis purifier delivers superior quality, light water from your home tap.
Ideal solution for families
Perfect for all families, even large ones. The AC Family delivers up to 1.6 liters per minute of pristine water.
The sustainable choice
Eco-friendly, reduces plastic bottle use and CO2 emissions.

A compact and silent solution

Fits under your sink
The AC Family fits under your kitchen sink and is perfect for pairing with a refrigerator.
Quiet operation
AC Family operates quietly, ensuring minimal disruption in your home, thanks to its advanced technology and sound-insulated design.
For drinking and cooking
Its advanced technology and filtration system ensure water that's not only ideal for drinking but also perfect for preparing your favorite dishes.
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ac family

More than a water solution, your daily partner for a healthier life


Better water for your home

The AC Family effectively removes impurities, ensuring access to clean and purified drinking water for you and your family.


Quality assurance

The AC Family is a certified unit rigorously tested at Culligan, ensuring reliability and quality performance for your peace of mind.


Health & hydration

Stay refreshed and hydrated with the AC Family RO system, promoting a healthier lifestyle with its convenient access to clean water.

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The AC Family
at a glance

220 V/50 Hz
2.5 – 6.0 bars
10 kg
ac family

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