Mirage Water Cooler

Provides two water source choices: bottle-fed or connected to a water line.

  • Modern hydration solution for homes & offices
  • Fresh, filtered water on tap
  • Hot, ambient, and cold water on demand
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  • Buy or rent, your choice
  • Installation & maintenance service available

Durable, versatile, and built to last


Simple and robust design

Solid build for busy environments
The cabinet is constructed from high impact polymer on the top, base and front panel.
Bottom-loading or bottle-free
The machine can be converted into a bottled water cooler by storing the bottle within the 19 L storage space.
Stainless steel reservoir & hot tank
The Mirage is constructed with a stainless-steel reservoir and hot tank and features a convenient frontal opening for maintenance.
Tri-temperature water options
Providing piping hot, ambient or chilled water on demand.

User-friendly dispensing

Fresh water on tap
Simple and intuitive dispensing controls allow an easy choice of cold, ambient and hot water.
Protects from splashing
The enclosed dispense alcove protects the user from splashing when dispensing water, and it is perfectly shaped to accommodate re-usable water bottles.
Child-safe operation
Self-closing activation, which requires a two-step action, that is easy for adults to use, and ensures safety for small children.
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The Mirage water cooler – a stylish addition to any contemporary home or office


Versatile bottom-loading water

This cooler offers two options: bottle-fed or connected to a water line. With bottom load access, heavy lifting of large water bottles is eliminated.


Refill & refresh

The large 220 mm dispensing height gap is suitable to refill various vessels, including reusable bottles.


Health & hydration

Stay hydrated at home and work with refreshing water from this convenient water cooler, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

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The Mirage water cooler
at a glance

330 mm
1041 mm
311 mm
16.5 kg
Cold, Hot & Ambient
650 ml

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    Professional water cooler service for your peace of mind.

    Our technicians are fully trained to install any of our water cooler dispensers. Our friendly and efficient service ensures that we can schedule a visit at your convenience.
    Your solution installed, we continue supporting you with services tailored to your needs. From filtration systems inspection to dispenser repairs, our Culligan Water Experts take care of it!
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