RM Series WaterBubbler

RM Series Water Bubbler

Durable chilled water bubblers, perfect for tough outdoor conditions.

  • High cooling capacity
  • Vandal resistant
  • Easy to use and maintain
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  • Installation & maintenance service available

Dispensing chilled water around the clock

RM Series WaterBubbler

Practical water fountain for any setting

Durable build
Featuring a rust-proof cabinet, the RM Series Water Bubbler is the ideal drinking fountain for exposed outdoor environments.
Modern design
With its smart modern design, this dispenser is a stylish addition to any setting.
High-volume dispensing
The fountain dispenses 30 litres of chilled water per hour, ensuring a constant supply of refreshing water when you need it.
Hydration on-the-go
A robust solution, perfect for busy public spaces

Dependable drinking water fountain

Easy-to-use & maintain
The practical bubbler valve is easy to drink from, and with a removable front panel this machine has convenient access for maintenance.
Vandal resistant
The RM Series water bubbler boasts exceptional vandal and impact resistance, providing durability in demanding environments.
Chilled water on demand
The pressure reducing valve and shock arrestor ensure a smooth drinking experience, while fan-assisted technology delivers a high cooling capacity.
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RM Series WaterBubbler

Refreshing hydration, anytime, anywhere


Hydration for public spaces

The RM Series water bubbler fits perfectly in public spaces, gyms, schools, universities, and offices.


Sustainable hydration

This unit features bottle filling capabilities for convenient hydration on-the-go.


Chilled water on demand

Refrigerated fountain, providing 30 litres of chilled drinking water per hour for all-day hydration.

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RM Series Water Bubbler,
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RM Series WaterBubbler

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    Installation & Maintenance Service

    A service you can trust

    Having your drinking fountain installed is painless. Our knowledgeable Culligan technicians will come to you and set up your fountain at your convenience, making the entire process fast and effortless.
    Keeping your fountain in optimal condition is critical, which is why our Culligan experts will create a tailored maintenance plan just for you, to make sure your drinking fountain continues to provide you and your staff with hydration with no interruptions.
    If you experience any issues with your fountain, all you have to do is contact our team of friendly customer service representatives. If the issue is more complex and requires a technician, we’ll dispatch someone to your location to solve the problem as soon as possible.