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Enjoy access to unlimited filtered water,
with the Selfizz Neo

selfizz 30 neo

Making pure and clean water easy

Adapts to your environment
With its modern and elegant design, the Selfizz Neo offers a durable experience, fitting in most settings.
Provides great-tasting water
Unlimited supply to cleaner and safer drinking water, either you like it ambient, cold, hot or sparkling.
Cares for the planet
The perfect solution for reducing single-use plastic waste and minimizing your environmental impact.
No more plastic bottles.
Using a plumbed-in water dispenser helps reduce single use plastic waste.

Our most advanced water dispenser

Superior performance
With a cooling capacity up to 30 lt/h, this compact appliance is perfect for any space.
Microbiologically purified water
Unrivaled Firewall® UVC technology eliminates up to 99.9999% viruses, cysts and bacterias.
Hygienic surfaces
Easy to keep clean with the combination of stainless steel and bio-circular polymers.
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selfizz 30 neo
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