Blupura CITY 2.0 Bottle Refill Station

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Made by industry experts, Blupura, the CITY 2.0 is a state-of-the-art Bottle Refill Station which is the perfect hydration solution to provide the public with fresh, safe, water whilst being environmentally friendly.

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High capacity

The City 2.0 Bottle Refiller houses four dispense points, perfect for public spaces as it proves large amounts of freshly chilled drinking water all day long.

Typically, a refill station dispenses 45,000 litres of water each month, saving 30,000 plastic bottles from going to landfill.

Eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective

The beautiful design and ease of use is an outstanding asset to your city, integral to keeping the public hydrated whilst also respecting the environment.

Ideal for installation at large parks, town halls, and shopping centres. Better water for everyone.

Optional Features

Water filters

For additional safety, we can provide water filters that are comprised of active carbon, in-line anti-bacterial UV lights, water treatment systems with reverse osmosis and electric anti-limescale.

Payment system

If you need the ability to take payment, we can install a payment system that accepts coins as well as cards with RFID, charging the customers to refill their water.

Control System

This optional system is self-diagnostic and checks the availability of the water, the state of the machine and the litres dispensed. It can be programmed to automatically send updates to keep you informed of any issues that may arise.


Indoor or Outdoor
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Water options
Maximum Power Consumption

Bottle filling station service & maintenance

Our rental plans include installation and ongoing maintenance of your bottle filling station. Our team of engineers are fully trained, and our service covers the whole of the mainland UK.


Installation is simple and hassle-free as a highly trained Culligan expert will install your bottle-filling station for you at a time that is convenient.


We will work with you to create the ideal maintenance package, so you don’t have to worry about anything in the future as Culligan will be here to help.

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Call-outs & support

If the worst should happen, our customer service team is always here to assist you. If the problem is something that needs in person help, we’ll dispatch a highly skilled Culligan technician to you at your earliest convenience.

Key features at a glance

  • Supplies chilled still and sparkling water in unlimited quantities
  • Low voltage, easy-to-press electric buttons to dispense water
  • High capacity with four dispense points allow multiple users to fill bottles simultaneously
  • Simple, clear, and functional user interface
  • A large dispensing area accommodates large bottles and the ledge supports the bottle while it is being filled
  • Vandal-proof – with very few damageable elements
  • Illuminated at night to allow around-the-clock hydration!
  • 40″ LCD screen with anti-vandal and non-reflecting glass. Perfect for displaying adverts or messages of public interest
  • Designed to withstand the outdoor elements and all kinds of weather conditions
  • Insulation to protect against sub-zero temperatures
  • Available as a free-standing island or wall-mounted on an existing wall

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