Culligan Floor Standing Contactless Mains-fed Water Cooler

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The Culligan Contactless Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler is the perfect modern hydration solution for your workplace. This touch-free water dispenser allows for a convenient and hygienic activation of clean drinking water, while its elegant combination of functionality and style makes it the ideal choice for any workspace.

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Dispense hot, chilled, and ambient water on demand

This water cooler offers convenience and versatility with its contactless touch-free operation, and hygienic hot & chilled or chilled & room temperature water options.

And because this machine is plumbed-in to your water supply, it provides a steady stream of filtered water.

High-capacity water cooler

The Culligan Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler offers a unique combination of power and convenience with its contactless Direct Chill technology.

This water cooler can produce up to 240 glasses of refreshing chilled filtered water per hour, making it an ideal choice for high-usage, busy environments.

Moreover, the sophisticated design of this water cooler provides a stylish and efficient solution for any home or office.

Easy to use & maintain

The Culligan Contactless Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler ensures the utmost convenience with its large, spacious dispensing area. It easily facilitates refillable bottles and carafes beneath, along with a removable, self-draining drip tray that is dishwasher safe.

Contactless & hygienic

Not only is this machine contactless for the hygiene conscious, but the Direct Chill coolers included in this water cooler also ensure superior hygiene benefits. As the water passes into the system, it is immediately chilled, safeguarding it against contamination as it travels through to the point of dispense.

Innovative design

This stylish water cooler isn’t just innovative because of the 100% touch-free technology, it is also modern and stylish; fitting perfectly into any home, business, or office.


Water options
Chilled & Ambient,
or Hot & Chilled
Dimensions (W x D x H)
320 x 380 x 1120 mm
Chilled & Ambient: 23.5kg, Hot & Chilled: 24.7kg
Power requirement
220-240 Volts, 50 Hertz
Maximum power consumption
Chilled & Ambient: 100W, Hot & Chilled: 620W
Water temperature
Chilled: 2-10°C, Hot: 92°W
Tank capacity
Chilled: 20L, Hot: 8L
Touch-free sensor activated
Must comply with current IEE regulations

Mains-fed water cooler service & maintenance

When you rent a mains-fed water cooler from us, our plans include installation and ongoing maintenance. Our team of fully trained engineers cover the UK and are here should you need.

Office workers discussing with water, next to a Culligan water cooler


We guarantee a hassle-free setup for your water cooler. Our talented technicians will provide a professional installation, and we’ll arrange a time that works for you. The entire process will be smooth and stress-free.

Person holding glass of clean, pure water


Our maintenance plans are tailored to your specific requirements and keeping your unit in top shape, so you can be assured you’re getting the best service. Depending on your situation, we can provide various maintenance levels to ensure you get the best solution.

Culligan service van

Call-outs & support

Our customer service team is available for any water cooler problems. If necessary, we will send a technician to your location to provide a swift resolution. We are dedicated to minimising downtime, so you can keep your staff hydrated and productive.

Key features at a glance

  • 100% touch-free use – help prevent cross-contamination between beverages with the no-touch sensor activated dispensing of drinking water
  • Provides up to 240 cups of chilled water per hour
  • Instantly chilled drinking water guaranteed by Direct Chill cooling technology
  • An efficient two-piece pressure cooling tank ensures chilled water within seconds
  • Convenient removable self-draining drip tray that is dishwasher safe
  • Large water dispensing area allowing for large bottles and carafes to be filled with ease

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