Exciting title involving client brand name

Objective: provide drinking water for over X employees
Aiming to...
Fact about scale or challenge

Introduction title about our client

Please create an introduction section here containing a few short paragraphs.

Introduction to who the client are.

The scale or purpose of their business needs (bonus points for if it intertwines with our ethos and mission – e.g. looking to prevent plastic waste)

What they were looking to do for their staff/visitors/customers.


[Client name] were looking to [insert overall general mission]. You can also replace the background image if you have a resource.

Our drinking water solution

Our team were tasked with [work description]. Our team at Culligan recommended [what we recommended and why. Can be a product individually, or speaking about a full service.]

Key features of our water solution:

  • Create a small bullet point list detailing:
  • Specific details of product that benefit the customers requirements.
  • Advantages of the solution we provided them with (e.g. save money, time, hassle)
  • Any sustainability motives.
  • Any advantages of our product fit and service in particular (e.g. wall-fitting to save space, scheduled water deliveries)


Write 2-3 short paragraphs discussing what the final achievements were, the scope of our final work (e.g. across the city, country, industry?), continued business/opportunities, any special feedback received (testimonial quote is a bonus!)

Also good to mention the impact our help will have on the clients quality of work, efficiency and environmental footprint if relevant (e.g. installing BFC means saving the company money and plastic waste)

You can also resize the image on the right side if it’s too big as is.

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