zip hydrotap g5 classic bcs

Zip HydroTap G5 Classic

The ultimate solution for instant boiling and chilled, filtered water at your fingertips.

  • Various models available
  • Safe and energy-efficient
  • Advanced filtration
  • Free and no obligation quote
  • Buy or rent, your choice
  • Installation & maintenance service available

Enjoy access to instant boiling and chilled filtered water

zip hydrotap g5 classic bcs

Superior filtration

Advanced MicroPurity™ filtration
Utilising advanced MicroPurity™ filtration technology to deliver the cleanest, safest, and purest tasting water, free from odours and contamination.
First-class performance
The HydroTap G5 offers 25 times better filtration than standard water filter jugs, ensuring unparalleled water purity.
Premium filter design
Zip's premium filters combine carbon and sediment blocks into one cartridge, removing dirt, bacteria, microplastics, and up to 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of microbiological cysts.
Ditch plastic bottles
Save counter space by eliminating kettles and reduce plastic waste by eliminating refrigerated bottled water.

Innovative technology

Cutting-edge technology
Enjoy 100% water efficiency with the HydroTap's innovative design, featuring water-free air-cooling technology for optimal energy efficiency and sustainability, eliminating any water wastage.
Time and energy savings
Benefit from time-saving convenience as the advanced technology of the tap maintains boiling water within 0.2 degrees of your desired temperature consistently.
Efficient power usage
Engineered for energy efficiency, the system includes an auto-sleep function and programmable controls, reducing power consumption by up to 30%.
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zip hydrotap g5 classic bcs

One appliance, a range of options


Available in different capacities

Offers models with various capacities, ensuring that whether you have a small or large office, you’ll have access to filtered boiling and chilled water tailored to your needs.


Water options to suit you

Available in a selection of models catering to various water preferences, whether you desire boiling and chilled water, or solely chilled water.


Stylish and functional

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the HydroTap G5. This compact, sleek, and efficient water solution is designed to enhance any workplace.

Interested in enjoying better water?

Book a free, no obligation demo of the Zip HydroTap either at your home or virtually.


The HydroTap G5 Classic,
at a glance

zip hydrotap g5 classic bcs
Boiling & Chilled
Chilled Only
Model number
Boiling cups p/h
Chilled glasses p/h
Number of people
Specification downloads
Model number
Boiling cups p/h
Chilled glasses p/h
Number of people
Specification downloads

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    Installation & Maintenance Service

    A service you can trust

    Inclusive service​
    We offer comprehensive maintenance for instant filtered water taps, including regular filter changes, sanitisation, and onsite parts and labour. Enjoy great tasting water year after year with this hassle-free service.
    Qualified engineers
    With a team of specialised engineers, quick and easy call-outs are a guarantee. Trust the experts with 70 years of innovation and expertise behind them to maintain your HydroTap.
    Premium filtered water
    Regular filter changes and sanitisation will ensure your HydroTap continues to deliver pure, clean water. Our service maintains the world-class MicroPurity filtration system, which produces crystal clear water, free from odours and contaminants.

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