Water dispensers for companies

October 14, 2022
Hydration for Wealth

Whether in the office or in production: drinking water is important. But especially in large
companies, it can quickly become time-consuming and costly to always provide fresh, clean drinking
water. With a mains-fed water dispenser in the company, you can easily master this challenge and
benefit from the following advantages:

1.Drinking water improves concentration and performance

Especially in companies with a high volume of orders and where employees run from one meeting to the next, stress is pre-programmed. And with increasing stress, drinking water is also neglected. The TK Drinking Study 2019 concludes that 45% of respondents forget to drink water when they are stressed.

At the same time, the brain is already noticeably impaired at 2 to 4 per cent fluid loss. It comes to a lower ability to concentrate and a reduced performance. So it’s no wonder that productivity falls by the wayside.

Headaches after long meetings or lunch are no surprise either. There is a very simple solution to both problems: drink enough water and do it regularly. However, it is important not to drink water only when you feel thirsty. When you feel thirsty, your body is already missing about half a litre of fluid.

Water dispensers in companies, which are placed in a clearly visible position, help to develop a healthy drinking behaviour. With a water dispenser, employees have easy access to fresh drinking water and are automatically reminded to drink water when passing by.

2. Drinking water strengthens employee health

Drinking water on a regular basis also has a positive impact on the health of employees. For example, when it comes to preventing infectious diseases, sufficient fluid intake is a decisive factor. This is because drinking water regularly strengthens our immune system and keeps our mucous membranes hydrated.

In addition, a sufficient consumption of water prevents back and joint pain and has a prophylactic effect against constipation, thromboses, permanent fatigue or bronchial diseases.

Of course, there are many preventive measures for these ailments that can be used in the office or on the shop floor. However, a continuous supply of fresh water is one of the easiest measures to sustainably reduce sick leave in your company.

3. Water dispensers in companies are an informal meeting place

A water dispenser in the company often turns into an informal meeting place where employees talk about their plans for the weekend, discuss football results or show each other photos from their last holiday.

What initially sounds like a productivity killer is, on the contrary, extremely beneficial for memory and performance. The University of Michigan, for example, has come to the conclusion that even a 10-minute conversation with another person increases memory and performance. In addition, a regular exchange with colleagues offers clear advantages in terms of cooperation and communication in your company.

4. Water dispensers in companies contribute to sustainability

Every year, 16.4 billion plastic bottles are being produced. Converted, that’s 470,000 tonnes of waste per year. With a water dispenser in your company, you can make a decisive contribution to reducing this number. Especially in large companies with many employees, the number of water bottles consumed quickly adds up.

Let’s look at an example: Let’s assume that there are 30 full-time employees in your company. If we assume that each employee drinks 1.5 litres per day, then that would be 45 litres per day consumed in the company. Projected to 220 working days per year, that would be 9,900 litres of water. That is almost 10,000 1-litre bottles that you can save per year.

In addition, a fixed water dispenser eliminates the need for water delivery. The water comes directly from the tap, which further reduces your ecological footprint.

5. Water dispensers reduce your operating costs

Water from the tap is and remains incredibly inexpensive. Let’s look at another sample calculation that illustrates the savings. Let’s stick with the assumption that 30 full-time employees work in your company.

At an average price of 0.50 euros per litre for mineral water, you would spend 4,950.00 euros per year if you bought bottled water. If you consume the water via a fixed water dispenser, the water costs with one of our stand-alone water dispensers are just 1,685.65 euros. This means that you save 3,264.35 euros per year with a mains-fed water dispenser.

In addition, you save the working time that you normally need for organising your water bottles. When you rent a Culligan water dispenser, maintenance and service is included. Our trained service staff will take care of the professional installation of your water dispenser. In addition, a maintenance service is included. During this maintenance, the water dispenser is thoroughly sanitised so that you can enjoy water that meets the highest hygiene standards at all times.

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