Zip HydroTap G5 Classic Plus Boiling

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The HydroTap G5 Classic Plus is Zip’s latest and most innovative technology yet. This appliance provides instant filtered boiling water and boasts several innovations that deliver higher quality, increased efficiency, and improved hygiene. Perfect for any environment, we offer models to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.​

Say goodbye to cluttered surfaces and kettles and enjoy superior hydration and hot beverages in your workplace, meeting rooms, and reception areas.

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First-class filtration

Zip drinking water systems deliver the cleanest, safest, and purest tasting water available, free from odours and contamination.

The Zip HydroTap range offers 25 times better filtration than a standard water filter jug, making it the superior choice for instant filtered water. Enjoy the ultimate in water quality with Zip.

Increased hygiene with SteriTouch®

The HydroTap takes hygiene to the next level with its SteriTouch® technology. The new antimicrobial silicone touchpad eliminates 99.99% of bacteria to prevent the spread of germs and pathogens.

SteriTouch® is used in various components of the HydroTap, including the G5 command center water path and the Classic Plus touchpad, to ensure a hygienic experience. Enjoy clean, safe water with the HydroTap.

Stylish and functional

Who said that advanced functionality can’t be beautiful? The HydroTap’s new G5 design is a sleek, compact, and efficient water solution perfect for any space.

Its timeless bright chrome finish and iconic design make it a popular choice for both homes and workplaces. The HydroTap seamlessly fits into a variety of kitchen styles, from contemporary to traditional. This tap is available in Bright Chrome, Matt Black or Brushed Chrome; allowing it to fit seamlessly into any kitchen or canteen area.

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Air-cooling technology

The innovative air-cooling system is designed to be both energy efficient and water-saving, ensuring that no resources are wasted in providing you with the best possible drinking water experience.

Zip HydroTap PowerPulse icon

Power-Pulse technology​

The HydroTap maintains stored boiling water at an accurate temperature, always within 0.2°C of the temperature you set. This ensures hot water is always ready for use and remains consistent.​

Zip HydroTap Smart Energy Saving icon

Smart-energy saving​

The HydroTap features an auto-sleep function and programmable timed control, which helps reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

Micropurity filter diagram. This filter ensure you receive only the purest, cleanest and tastiest water.

MicroPurity Filtration Technology​

Our MicroPurity Filtration Technology utilises premium filters combining carbon and sediment; providing thorough removal of dirt, bacteria, microplastics, and contaminants as well as up to 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of microbiological cysts if present, surpassing traditional carbon block filters.​


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HydroCare™ service plan

With Zip’s HydroCare service plan, you get complete maintenance for your water dispenser. The plan includes an annual check-up, filter replacements, sanitisation, and prompt on-site call-outs with parts and labour included.​

Inclusive service​

HydroCare™ ensures optimal operation of your HydroTap, providing great-tasting water year-round. The hassle-free service includes regular filter changes, sanitisation, and onsite parts and labour for call-outs.​

Qualified engineers​

Leave your HydroTap maintenance and service to the experts. Our directly employed engineers and over 90 field service operatives across the UK ensure quick and easy call-outs. Benefit from 70 years of Zip’s innovation and expertise.​

Premium filtered water​

HydroCare™ keeps your Zip HydroTap delivering pure, odour-free water. Regular maintenance, including filter changes and sanitisation, ensures the MicroPurity filtration system works optimally. Our premium filters, combining carbon and sediment blocks, offer 25x better filtration than standard water filter jugs.​

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