Piccola Countertop Mains-Fed Water Cooler

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The Piccola countertop mains-fed water cooler adds style to any worktop. This stylish, yet discreet, water cooler is the perfect solution for any countertop in need of a refreshment solution.

This compact countertop dispenser provides all the water you need within a compact machine that fits into any space-limited environment. This versatile water dispenser is ideal for kitchen worktops or open areas in busy offices.

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A versatile choice of water options​

With the Piccola Water Cooler, you can enjoy the convenience of ambient, chilled, hot, and even sparkling water options – all at the touch of a button.

This water cooler is compact but also mighty; with the ability to dispense 15 litres of chilled water and 8 litres of hot water per hour. Get the perfect water exactly how you want it.

Great for the environment

This eco-friendly hot water dispenser is the perfect solution for reducing plastic waste, as it is plumbed into your mains water, eliminating the need for plastic bottles.

Additionally, the hot version is equipped with an energy-saving mode which reduces power consumption during periods of non-use; making it an even more efficient and sustainable solution, along with saving you money on energy.


Enjoy access to unlimited filtered water with Direct Chill technology that chills the water hygienically and efficiently. This appliance dispenses 15 litres of chilled water and 8 litres of hot water per hour, providing you with the versatility of chilled, sparkling, and hot water options. Ideal for a busy office environment where choice of water options is important for staff and guests.

Hygienic water supply

The Direct Chill system of the water cooler ensures maximum hygiene. The water is kept in a chilled state until it is dispensed, preventing any contamination and safeguarding the safety of the water. Furthermore, the continuous flow of chilled water eliminates the risk of contamination, as it does not come into contact with air until it is dispensed.

Compact & powerful

This mains-fed water cooler is ideal for an office that doesn’t have the space for a floor standing cooler, as it is both compact and elegant. It adds a touch of sophistication to any worktop and is perfect for homes or offices, providing the highest quality of premium filtered water.


Dimensions (W x D x H)
240x 451 x 425 mm
Dispense height
Power requirement
Hertz 50 / Volts 220-240
Tank capacity (per hour)
Chilled: 15L, Hot: 8L
Cooling Technology
Direct Chill
Push buttons
Water options
Ambient & Chilled;
Ambient, Chilled & Hot;
Ambient, Chilled, Sparkling & Hot

Countertop water cooler service & maintenance

When you rent a countertop water cooler from us, our plans include installation and ongoing maintenance. Our team of fully trained engineers cover the UK and are here should you need.

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Expert installation

Our experienced technicians are ready to install your water cooler with ease. We will coordinate an installation time that works best for you and make sure your installation runs smoothly from beginning to end.

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Maintenance solutions tailored to you

Our maintenance options are designed to fit your individual needs, guaranteeing your water cooler is always in top condition. Whether you require minor repairs or comprehensive service, we’re here to provide the best possible solution for you.

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Fast and professional support

If you discover issues with your cooler, you have no need to worry. Our fast and reliable call-out service is here and you can rest assured that your water cooler will be back to functioning at its best in no time.

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Key features at a glance

  • Available in a variety of water options including cold, hot, room temperature, and sparkling water
  • Unlimited filtered water: we recommend using a carbon block water filter for great-tasting, clean water
  • Compact and contemporary design with LED buttons
  • Hygienic and efficient with Direct Chill technology
  • Sealed tank with large compressor for fast recovery
  • Large drip tray to catch any spills
  • Energy-saving mode on the hot version to reduce power consumption when not being used

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