Culligan Intense

With its very high level of filtration, the Click & Drink Intense under-sink filter is the ideal alternative to plastic bottles.
Each cartridge delivers 3,600 liters of filtered water, so you can enjoy pure water without micropollutants!

Culligan Intense eliminates :

Chlorine, bad taste and bad odors

Pesticides, heavy metals & drug residues

Organic materials and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

How does an under sink water filter work ?

Ultra-efficient thanks to its plant-based activated carbon filtration method, Click & Drink Intense filters chlorine, micropollutants, pesticides and drug residues.

You thus benefit from ideal water for drinking and cooking, while contributing to the protection of the planet.

A button to purify

No need to install an additional tap, a simple press of this wireless button instantly delivers filtered water. The Click & Drink has two indicators: filter life and an alert when the filter or batteries need to be replaced.

An under sink filter

Housed under your kitchen sink, the Culligan Intense allows a very large filtration capacity while taking up little space. Measuring 41 cm high by 8 cm wide, it can adapt to any type of kitchen. We say thank you to its ultra-compact size!

Purer water at will

The Culligan Intense restores the good taste of water, while preserving its minerals. Culligan filtered water is distinguished by its taste qualities and its ability to preserve the flavors and aromas of food.
Ideal water for drinking and cooking.

Installation and maintenance of the water filter



Once your Culligan purifier has been ordered, we plan with you the date of installation and commissioning of your device

Installation by an Expert

On D-Day, a Culligan Expert Technician installs your water treatment equipment according to the rules and adapting to your constraints.

Annual Maintenance

Your Culligan Technician maintains your unit annually to optimize its efficiency and extend its life.

Frequently asked questions

Have any questions? We’re here to help.

Culligan Intense is an ultra-efficient water purifier that retains chlorine, bad tastes and odors, as well as traces of pesticides, herbicides, drug residues and heavy metals. These retention performances have been checked and certified by Eurofins laboratories.

Culligan Intense offers you a very large filtration capacity, without any water discharge: 3,600 litres, or the equivalent of a consumption of 10 liters per day.

No, you do not need to drill your kitchen worktop, nor install an additional tap, for the installation of the Culligan Intense. A simple click on the Click&Drink button delivers micro-filtered water from your existing tap. The Click&Drink is to be placed freely near your sink.

The duration of use recommended by Culligan is 1 year for a consumption of 10 liters per day. It is therefore necessary to replace the filtration cartridge annually and to disinfect the device

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