We are the go-to provider of high-quality domestic hydration solutions in the UK. From home water coolers, to hot and cold water taps; we have a wide selection of products that meet the needs of any home.


Recommended hydration products for your home

These are some bottled water coolers, mains-fed water coolers and instant boiling taps that we recommend for your home. Each of these items can provide you with a convenient source of clean water, so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.


This sleek, modern Bottled Water Cooler is built to withstand high-use.

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Water dispenser made of high-quality metal, optionally with sparkling function.

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Dispenses chilled and ambient water; Body made of brushed stainless steel.

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Minimalist stand-alone device with classic design and contactless usage.

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The digital and timeless water dispenser.

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Robust materials with a modern, clean-cut design.

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Trade fairs and other events offer companies ideal conditions to get in touch with their target group. But the events, which usually last several days, can also be quite stressful for exhibitors and visitors. It helps to always keep a cool head.

Culligan water dispensers are the ideal solution for supplying your staff and guests with fresh drinking water at the touch of a button. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy pleasantly cool or sparkling water of the highest quality at any time.

Always available

A water dispenser provides you with drinking water at any time – and at unbeatable conditions.


Save not only space, but also unnecessary effort. A water dispenser can be conveniently integrated even on small exhibition stands.

A variety of water

Whether sparkling, still or chilled: ensure that there is something for every taste with just one appliance.

Water dispensers cut a good figure everywhere

This is how versatile you can use a Culligan water dispenser:

Ideal for trade fairs

Whether your exhibitors are a small stand at a local craft fair, or on a large hall-filling stand at a leading industrial fair; water dispensers are suitable for trade fairs of all kinds and for exhibitors of all sizes.​

They reliably help to satisfy the water needs of busy trade fair environment for the teams and visitors.

For events and parties

Culligan water dispensers provide a valuable service far beyond trade fairs. Our hydration solutions are ideal for all types of events, whether it be a small cultural gathering, a busy conference, or even large stadiums and sporting events.​

They also reliably cover water needs at company parties or other forms of short-term rental. Their flexible, quick assembly and disassembly make them the ideal water supply for guests at a wide range of events.

Keep your guests and exhibitors refreshed and hydrated.​

At Culligan, we offer a range of hydration solutions that are perfect for busy event environments

Reduce costs and effort

Save costs with our short term rental options

Using a water dispenser at trade fairs can save you a lot of money. Your company can easily pay 50 cents or more per litre for water bottles.​

If you use clean tap water as a thirst quencher instead, one litre will cost you on average only 0.2 cents, plus the rent for the water dispenser.​

Guests will also appreciate the easy access to free water, maintaining a more positive, hassle-free environment.

For the sake of the environment

1.000 times less environmental impact

The use of Culligan water dispensers is worthwhile financially. By saving on plastic water bottles and transport routes, you are doing something sustainable and improving your environmental footprint. You also reduce the consumption of environmentally harmful packaging and the emission of CO2.

Improve your environmental footprint

Discreet and robust

Introducing a water dispenser to your event facilities will save your guests hassle, as you will be able to provide a constant supply for clean drinking water at easy access.​

This saves your visitors searching for a canteen or local store to buy expensive bottled water or unhealthy caffeinated drinks.

You have a question?

We have collected the most important questions and answers for water dispensers at events.

Depending on the model, you can tap room-temperature water, still chilled water or hot water. The water bottles contain 18.9 litres of delicious premium spring or osmosis water. We deliver the required number of bottles to the event location and collect the empties afterwards.

You can optionally rent cup dispensers and cup collectors to go with the water dispensers. With their stainless steel look, they are not only stylish, but also space-saving and robust. The drinking cups can be easily removed and disposed of. Drinking cups made of recyclable hard paper are of course also available from us and can be ordered as an option.

  • Delivery, installation and deinstallation of the system are possible on any working day by arrangement.
  • Sign the rental contract in time so that the water dispensers are connected at least one day before the start of the trade fair or event.
  • Let us know where your exhibition stand is located or in which environment the water dispenser is to be placed on the construction site. This way we can ensure that the water supply runs smoothly at the start of your project and that we deliver the selected water dispenser to your construction site on time.
  • For the connection on site, only a simple socket (power connection) is required, no water pipe.

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