Reliable purity, quality standards: Culligan's promise

Embrace excellence and enhance culinary experience with safer and softer water. From food preparation to sanitization, ensure customer satisfaction.

Enhance water quality
Efficient water management
Extend equipment life

Expert water solutions for unmatched quality

Culligan elevates Food Service sector with its advanced water solutions that purifies water, reduces costs, promotes eco-friendly approaches and uplifts overall customer experience.


Cleaner water for every need

Welcome best water solutions with Culligan’s top-notch filtration and softening treatment. From kitchen floors to dining tables, ensure that only safe water serves your guests.


Recycling wastewaster, reducing wastage

We understand the value of water and utilize eco-friendly solutions to reduce wastage and recycle it through various channels across the food service segment. From drinking to cleaning, we choose sustainable measures.


Increase equipments' lifespan

Our advanced water solution treatment ensure reduced scaling and corrosion, hence reducing maintenance costs and inefficiency. At Culligan, we ensure safer water for your guests and your equipments.

Safer water for a smoother operation

Enjoy safe water with Culligan! Our water solutions reduce scaling and corrosion, hence optimizing operations. Experience our advanced technology today.

AC Slim +
  • Removes impurities, turbidity, and chlorine
  • Space-saving, under-sink design
  • Tested and certified to highest standards
Aquabar Box 150 Under-the-Counter Water Unit
  • Designed for offices and hospitality environments
  • 150 L/h cooliing capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials
Aquabar Box 280 Under-the-Counter Water Unit
  • Designed for offices and hospitality environments
  • 280 L/h cooliing capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials
Aquabar Box 60 Under-the-Counter Water Unit
  • Designed for offices and hospitality environments
  • 60 L/h cooliing capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials
Aquabar Box 80 Under-the-Counter Water Unit
  • Designed for offices and hospitality environments
  • 80 L/h cooliing capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials
Aquabar Easy 150 Mains-fed Water Cooler
  • Ideal for self-service areas, cafés & canteens
  • Essential but highlyfunctional design
  • Reliable dispensing performance & ease of use
Customized Solution

Culligan offers precise water quality needs with customised water treatment solutions.

Cutting-edge Technology

Culligan’s innovative water solutions showcase its commitment to advanced technology.

Water Solutions Experts

Our expert engineers create the best water treatment solutions, ensuring lasting efficiency.

Pure water priortizing customers’ safety

Customers safety runs supreme in food service. Ensure they are served with the finest water at every stage of their experience with our water treatment solutions. Connect today.

Perfected the art of offering quality water

We walk with a commitment towards safer and softer water for all needs – be it cooking till cleaning. From high-quality water for coffee and beverages to steam trays and ice machines, Culligan ensures that every drop meets the highest standards. We also offer soft water to clean kitchenware effectively, making even the prep stage fully secure and safe.

Pioneering a safer way of water treatment

At Culligan, we recognize the environmental impact of chemicals. That’s why we’ve pioneered cutting-edge water solutions that reduce chemical usage. Our commitment to water quality ensures lesser equipment scaling and enhances the efficiency of boilers and cooling systems. This promotes a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to water treatment.

What makes Culligan the perfect choice for elevating your business?


Eco-friendly partner

We are committed to providing sustainable water solutions for food service businesses. Our wide range of products and services helps you reduce water consumption, waste, and green impact. We understand that the planet’s health is essential to your business success, so we prioritize eco-friendly practices. Our water treatment, filtration, and recycling solutions help you conserve water and reduce waste.

Total Care commitment

Culligan is committed to providing the purest and softest water, from installation to maintenance. Our total care approach ensures your satisfaction, giving you a superior water experience. Step up your water experience with Culligan and enjoy the benefits of clean, healthy water for your entire family. With Culligan, you can rest assured knowing that your water is in the best hands.

Complete support

Culligan provides our customers with expert technical and service support, 24/7. Our team of experienced and certified technicians are always available to help with maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting, ensuring that your water systems are always running smoothly. We bring our expertise to deliver excellence, so you can rest assured that your water needs are in good hands.

Water Care Excellence

Culligan is committed to providing the food service industry with premium and eco-friendly water treatment solutions. Our innovative solutions are designed to deliver the purest water possible, helping you to improve the quality of your food and beverages, reduce operating costs, and protect the environment. Experience the Culligan difference today and experience the best water treatment solutions.

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