Combatting Legionella in Water Systems

Culligan is your trusted partner in Legionella prevention. Our water treatment solutions provide comprehensive protection, ensuring clean and safe water systems.


Everything on Legionella Bacteria Explained

Legionnaires’ disease can be fatal when untreated. Trust Culligan for Legionella control, safeguarding lives through water inspection, with a wide range of commercial solutions.

Understanding Legionnaires’ Disease: Causes and Risks

Legionnaires’ disease, a severe pneumonia caused by the legionella bacterium, infects individuals when they inhale these bacteria from water or soil. It mainly spreads through water droplets from showers, faucets, and AC. Vulnerable groups like older adults, smokers, and those with weakened immune systems are at higher risk. Prompt antibiotic treatment is crucial.

Legionella Bacteria: Characteristics and Diversity

The Legionella bacterium is a small, aerobic, gram-negative, nonmotile, catalase-positive bacillus. It’s fastidious, not growing anaerobically or on standard media. The Legionellaceae family encompasses over 42 species and 64 serogroups. L pneumophila is the most common, causing 90% of cases, followed by L micdadei, L bozemanii, L dumoffii, and L longbeachae.

Mitigating Legionella Bacteria Risks & Growth

Culligan provides comprehensive Legionella prevention solutions, encompassing water systems, specialized chemicals, and expert support to ensure unparalleled water safety for customers.

Aquabar Box 150 Under-the-Counter Water Unit
  • Designed for offices and hospitality environments
  • 150 L/h cooliing capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials
Aquabar Box 280 Under-the-Counter Water Unit
  • Designed for offices and hospitality environments
  • 280 L/h cooliing capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials
Aquabar Box 60 Under-the-Counter Water Unit
  • Designed for offices and hospitality environments
  • 60 L/h cooliing capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials
Real-time Monitoring

Culligan offers continuous water quality monitoring, detecting Legionella threats early, reducing downtime, and minimizing maintenance costs

Customized Solutions

Tailored to your facility’s needs, Culligan’s Legionella treatment systems optimize resource usage and deliver cost-effective water safety.

Advanced Filtration

Our state-of-the-art filtration systems effectively remove and prevent Legionella growth, ensuring safe and clean water.

Culligan’s comprehensive solutions effectively minimize health risks associated with Legionella bacteria, ensuring enhanced safety compliance and uninterrupted operations. When you choose Culligan for Legionella management, you can trust us to keep your business running smoothly and prioritize safety of all. Our advanced water treatment solutions are designed to meet all regulatory standards.

Culligan’s commitment to ensuring clean water quality is a formidable defence against Legionella contamination. Our water solutions guard against health hazards, knowing that your water systems comply with rigorous regulations. By choosing Culligan, you prioritize your employees’ and customers’ safety, creating an environment where health is paramount and confidence in water quality is unwavering.

Culligan’s broad array of plant-related and commercial solutions guarantee uninterrupted business operations. By minimizing downtime and maintaining high productivity levels, we enable you to protect your valuable reputation. With our dependable water treatment measures, businesses can be assured in keeping operations running smoothly. Trust Culligan to safeguard your business’s continuity and reputation.

Culligan’s Legionella control solutions ensure safety and offer cost-efficient protection. With reduced health risks, minimized operational disruptions, and long-term savings, you can prioritize both your financial well-being and the safety of your employees and customers. Trust in Culligan for a secure and budget-friendly solution.